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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So it has come to that time of the year again where one of my favourite series has ended and I get all nostalgic. The culprit of my nostalgia this time is City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, which if you're not into books then you should know it's part of The Mortal Instruments series. 

So yes I finished it yesterday and yes it was amazing!, but It's just hitting me now how sad I am that it's over. I mean I've been reading this series since 2010 and since then I've gone through quite a few life changes, I finally left secondary school (or hell as I often call it) and I got a crappy part time job. Of course I'm not as sad as I should be because it's not the end of this amazing fictional world because as you may (or may not) know, Cassandra Clare is releasing two more shadowhunter series so it's not the last time we'll get to see the characters of TMI.

Would you look at that I'm blabbing away!. Anyway my point is that I was asking myself the question "Why do I read?". I mean why read when in truth it causes me emotional pain?, and if you think that I'm joking I'm seriously not. Well I've whittled it down to this. I can't live without books. Like it's impossible now not to read, it's like a necessity to me. Just like we all have to breath to live, I have to read. I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who has never fallen in love with characters or worlds that only exist in the mind and on the pages of books, because I'm telling you it's the most magical thing in this world. 

The characters in books have been there for me when people haven't. They've made me laugh, cry and even made me feel brave. In theory I shouldn't be giving thanks to the characters but the authors who bring them to life. God I have no idea what this post is meant to be about, I'm just in a mourning period over CoHF. I guess this post is also a sort of thanks to authors and their characters but it's also a plea to anyone who doesn't read. Books are the closest thing we humans (or mundanes of which I'm not one ;)) have to magic, or at least that's what I believe.

So please, I beg of you. If you leave this post with one thing, leave it with a determination to find a book and author you absolutely love because I promise you it will be the one thing you won't regret.

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