The Moon and More (Review)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

4th June 2013 by Penguin

3.5 stars


Emaline is spending her last summer before college in her home beach town of Colby. Everything is familiar - from working for her bossy sister Margo at the family rental company to Emaline's gorgeous (and regularly shirtless) childhood sweetheart, Luke.
But when an out-of-town brash New York filmmaker, and her young assistant Theo, come to stay at one of the beach houses, everything Emaline thought she knew about herself changes.
But can her heart let go of a life she's loved for so long?


So this is the first book I decided to pick up after reading City of heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, which as you may know is a pretty tough act to follow. I don't know why I chose this book in particular, it's probably just because it's a contemporary and I just needed something light and maybe a little mushy. In all honesty though I didn't get the kind of mushy I was expecting say from something like a book from Stephanie Perkins, instead I got a contemporary novel with some daily life troubles thrown in.

This isn't a particularly bad thing and as I will say now this book wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly my favourite book of all time either. I liked the plot but probably not for the reasons I was suppose to. What did I like exactly?. Well that's simple, everything that involved Clyde. Cylde turns out to be a really amazing ex-artist who decided to move back to the small town Colby after reaching the peak of his career in New York. I don't know why I found him and his story so interesting but I just liked the fact that he was so mysterious but so down to earth at the same time.

Now on to the part I'd really like the delve into, the romance. Do I usually like romance in books?, yes. Did I like the romance in this book?, no. Luke who is the childhood sweetheart of the story was okay for a boy next door type, but honestly I never felt any real connection to him for some reason. Now Luke isn't exactly my main concern when it comes to this book, my biggest pet peeve about this book was Theo. I did not like him at all. For the most part I just wanted to jump into the book and punch him in the face just like I had wanted to do to Jacob Black back in the day. As a character and a potential love interest he started out okay, but honestly it just went bad from there as you'll know if you've read the book. Not only did he get on my nerves as a character but I feel as a love interest everything came on too early in the book for my liking. Emaline and Theo had only met a couple of times before they decided to make it official, and so because of this I never felt a genuine connection to the two of them. To sum it up it just seemed all sorts of wrong.

Overall if you like contemporary books or you're just looking for a light read, I say go for it!. Will I pick up any other Sarah Dessen books?, yeah I'll give it a shot because I've heard mixed things about all of her books. I think for the most part though this books was okay and I definitely liked the way it ended, and when it comes to endings I'm usually a really hard person to please. One thing I have to add though is that I really liked the setting for this book, and I seriously just want to catch a flight to America and rent a beach house.

  1. This was one of my least favorite Sarah Dessen books, mainly because I was really annoyed by Theo's personality. That being said, some of her other works are definitely more fun!

    1. Yeah I was kind of disappointed considering what everyone has said, but then I sort of expected it not to be amazing. I hated Theo with a passion, I'll definitely be checking out some of her other books though :)


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